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Sailing On

Expand your Horizons

The Pacific Seafaring Foundation is working on the goal of stopping the current, and continuing, decline in youth sailing education and future sailing participation beyond basic sail training. We have identified a major gap in the present sail training process that has limited the development of sailing skills required in cruising, team racing and offshore activities. This has occurred due to the requirement of training must occur aboard a larger vessel, other than racing dinghies.

PSF plans to team with Bay Area community sail training organizations in providing such boats (35-60 feet). In order to provide such resources and cover their costs we will seek donations from the organizations using the boats, foundations, maritime industry and individuals.

We have received a 46 foot sailboat donation to kickoff the “Gap” program this Spring. We plan to acquire two more similar vessels in the 35 to 60 foot range during 2024. This will allow PSF to provide boat resources in both the North and South Bay to youth sail training organizations offering these courses.

Let’s get back to having a stronger sport, enjoyed by more youth in our community and their families! Get involved and MAKE it happen!

The Pacific Seafaring Foundation yachts will provide sailing experiences through programs developed in partnership with non-profit sailing organizations to support and expand their existing training and outreach programs. Those programs are expected to offer learning experiences in cruising and exploring, light racing, and crewing skills and teamwork.

The yachts may also be employed by partner organizations in events as fundraising awards, leadership sailing and related activities. Supporters are encouraged to sponsor activities for their favored non-profit organizations.

All sailing activities are conducted with a qualified skipper to control the boat, and appropriate Partner Organization coaches as may be needed for group activities aboard. All persons aboard must sign an event liability waiver. All yacht activities are scheduled by the Pacific Seafaring Foundation, within the regular season April through December.

Please contact us well in advance to arrange your event.