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You may wonder, “What is a seafarer?” Although they might be called sailors or mariners, the definition of a seafarer and the skills that must be held are specific. Qualifying as a true seafarer requires that the person be capable of dealing with all aspects of sailing, the boat itself and the ocean.

In this regard, we believe that being capable of operating and maintaining all systems of your boat is a primary part of being a seafarer, whether that is done by your own efforts or the direction of others.

PSF, in the course of developing seafarers, intends that the skills acquired by students will include training, both by book and hands-on, on the basic inspection and maintenance of the boats they are sailing to assure an awareness of the safety and reliability criteria in preserving the vessels. This education will involve the PSF vessels and their various rigs, structures and systems, and may include partner organizations’ boats.

We will work with partner organizations and volunteers to provide training in such areas as Safety, Maintenance and Repair, Crew Teamwork, Navigation and Communications. Those training modules are expected to be both on the water and shoreside and scheduled to lengthen the planned April-December season.